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“what the ‘Net’ is good at is providing qualified leads…27% of consumers said the were likely to gather information on the Internet before buying.”

Forrester Research -May 2000

The Internet is quickly becoming the primary source by which many consumers begin their search for a product or service.  Matching a motivated, viable customer with specific needs for a product or service with a company that provides those products or services is the primary focus of Internet-Leads.

What companies are getting the “first crack” at information rich, targeted sales leads?

Companies like yours.  Companies that understand the importance of having a reliable and consistent stream of prospects to call on.  Companies that know dollar for dollar:  qualified leads generate far more actual sales than any other prospecting methods.  Companies who understand how important a strategic advantage is in business.  Is this your company?

You’re here so it must be.

Market research has consistently demonstrated that most consumers make a final purchase decision after investigating no more that three business offering their desired product or service.  The strategic advantage realized by being one of these first three businesses is obvious.  Offering your company this strategic advantage is our mission.

Internet-Leads can deliver fresh, targeted, information rich leads specific to your industry.  All leads are generated from various Internet sources such as banner ads, search engines, opt-in email and our network of affiliated websites. Prospects visit one of our many websites and complete a request to be contacted.

Our custom developed Leads-on-Demand system allows you access to real-time, targeted, leads.  When you purchase one of our leads you are purchasing it exclusively.  We do not sell the same leads multiple times.  Many lead generating companies will sell the same lead to different companies or charge a premium for exclusive leads.  We see this as a conflict of interest.  Our belief:  If we want to give you a strategic advantage by supplying you with a qualified lead, than why would we invite competition into the process?  Exclusive leads are your “little secret.”

Qualified leads help your business because they…

Reduce cold calling
Increase your closing ratio
Shorten your sales cycle
Increase profitability per sale
Improve the quality of incoming business
Can help penetrate new market segments inexpensively
Put you in communication with decision makers
Reduce your sales expenses

Purchase leads on an as needed basis.  No contracts and a reasonable minimum order amount make our service affordable no matter your budget.  We reduce your risk because your investment is protected by our Viable Lead Guarantee.  Our Leads-on-Demand system keeps track of your account and displays accurate updated information about your current order and account balance.  In real-time, of course. (Please see our Leads-on-Demand page.)

Assure that you are the first smiling face a prospect sees.  Once you’ve experienced the effectiveness of our service you’ll wonder why you waited so long to harness the power of the Internet to grow your business



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