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Can’t find a lead package for you?  No worry.   Internet-Leads offers custom lead generation services to develop lead data applicable to any business.  Custom lead generation starts with a Lead Inquiry Sheet that you fill out.  In this document you will give us the information you would like to have contained in each lead as well as quantity, type and market of your desired leads.

Once you’ve provided us with details necessary to your business via the Lead Inquiry Sheet, your part is done.  For our part we start by having our creative department design a custom website geared towards collecting the very data your looking for from customers who are currently seeking your service or product.  The third phase of the custom lead generation system entails driving huge numbers of individuals to the collection site, which we accomplish through a variety of measures like our large-scale e-mail campaign capabilities.

While you don’t have to concern yourself with the above process in too much detail, the “bottom-line” is that you will be furnished with fresh, information rich, highly targeted, opt-in leads to grow your business.  As with all of our Leads, Internet-Leads Custom Generated Leads are back by our Viable Lead Guarantee.

Once leads have begun to collect you’ll be able to stay on top of the hottest leads by visiting our Leads-On-Demand page that allows you complete account management from a single site.  You can view the freshest leads collected and purchase the ones you want with the click of a mouse.  Your account information is displayed on the same page and will update any account activity in real-time.  In addition to displaying new leads, and account information, you can also evaluate the effectiveness of the leads you’ve received so far.  Use this data to analyze conversion data, appointment setting rate, closing ratio and even profitability! (see, Leads-on-Demand page)

Challenge us!
Internet-Leads loves a challenging business task, so, we would like to challenge anyone who might feel that his or her business can’t be assisted by our service to submit a Lead Inquiry Sheet to us.  We will return an initial strategy for lead generation within 48 hours at no cost to you to demonstrate the logistics of your particular situation.

The Lead Inquiry Sheet is a crucial tool in the development of highly targeted qualified leads.  This form has been designed to assist Internet-leads determine a viable and efficient path to the generation of leads for industries that have not traditionally utilized Internet generated leads.




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