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How to maximize your closing ratio with Internet-Leads products:

While your closing ratio is not guaranteed there are certainly some ways that you can control how effective your leads are.

Consider your audience

Remember our leads have primarily been generated from individuals using the Internet to research an upcoming purchase.  By the very nature of the way they have come to you implies that these people:

Value time:
They have used the Internet to quickly research many available options

You should:

Contact prospects within 2 to 4 hours of lead receipt.

They value privacy:
By requesting a quote from an online source they are not expecting initially, unless specifically requested, to be contacted in person.

You should:

Begin your correspondence with a phone call.  If the prospect is unreachable leave a message and don’t be afraid to be persistent provided that your communications only imply your desire to facilitate their request as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Follow-up your phone calls with an e-mail, again reminding them you are excited about helping them while offering other acceptable communication channels. This will demonstrate a respect for their privacy and give them a sense of control in the process.

They have just begun their research:
Generally speaking individuals who have requested a quote are early in their research process.  As our site mentioned earlier, most consumers will make a purchase decision before visiting no more than three companies that provide the service their looking for.  Being the first, or one of these first companies, is of paramount strategic importance but how you handle your prospect is crucial to your lead conversion.

You should:
Make all communication low pressure and under the guise of educating them about the service they seek.  Take the time to fully understand their wants and needs before you provide any quotations.  Internet consumers are particularly sensitive and leery to extraordinary offers. Low-balling will get you in trouble with people who may be using other available sources on the Internet to check the validity of your quote.

If you conduct yourself as the professional you are, and couple that with excellent product knowledge, salesmanship, and a desire to truly assist your customers, your return on investment should land somewhere in the neighborhood of 450% or more depending on the type of qualified lead you’ve purchased.

Good Selling!!



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