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Internet-Leads places a great emphasis on ensuring high quality viable leads. Regardless of the type of leads you purchase from Internet-Leads you can rest assured they have been collected from only interested parties who have given permission to hear from you.  We have taken great measures to guarantee that the most relevant data pertinent to your industry will be included in your leads.  As a part of our constant willingness to deliver more for our customer’s investment, we encourage you to mention any further additional industry specific data that will make our leads more potent.

Generation of Leads

Leads are generated across the nation using a variety of information collecting techniques.  We sell only leads that have been generated by our system and never purchase leads from outside brokers.

All leads are generated from various Internet sources such as banner ads, search engines, opt-in email, and our network of affiliated websites.  Prospective consumers visit one of our many websites and complete a request agreeing to be contacted.

No incentives of any kind have been given to these consumers in exchange for requesting a quote.  No trips, free contests, sweepstakes, giveaways or the like.

Internet-Leads is not in any of the businesses we sell leads for, so our customers get complete access to our entire lead inventory.  No entity has “picked-over” leads before you have access to them.

No “bait and switch” or “smoke and mirror” tactics of any kind have been employed to gather prospect data and our collection-site verbiage explicitly state that inquiries will be followed by contact from a licensed professional.

Our leads are guaranteed to be leads for which we represent them to be.  Some unscrupulous lead generation companies will generate leads for other products and misrepresent as an entirely different lead. (i.e. Collect leads for a diet product and sell as a mortgage lead)

All of our leads are fresh.  We offer separate lead freshness pricing options from real-time to 72 hours and over.

Internet-Leads leads are cleansed and qualified to remove obviously bogus or falsified leads.  In addition we verify that all required fields are completed and phone numbers are in a valid form.

Viable Lead Guarantee

Our leads are backed by our Viable Lead Guarantee.  If you purchased a “bad” lead and it meets the guidelines mentioned on our Guarantee page, just notify us and we will credit your account and replace the lead.  No questions asked. (see Viable Lead Guarantee)




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